3 Baby Steps to a Healthier Family

A while back, I read an interesting post on Your Vibrant Family about 3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Family’s Health, and it got me thinking. Alicia Michelle (the awesome woman behind Your Vibrant Family) brought up some important tweaks to use to boost our families’ health, but for where I am in my health journey, I needed something a little deeper. Read More


Blogging for the Job Hunt

You may have heard that having a website with your resume and professional portfolio is a good idea to boost your job search results. But have you ever heard of BLOGGING for the job hunt? It’s not an entirely new job search tactic, but it is one that is gaining more and more traction as the application process becomes more competitive and the internet and social media continue to reign supreme.

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What No One Tells You About Ending Chemo

I woke up that morning and couldn’t move.

Every joint in my body was stiff, tender to the touch, incredibly swollen, and so, SO painful. What was wrong with me??

I had ended chemo treatments over a month before. You’d think I would be on the upward swing health-wise, right? Read More


How to Write an Interview-winning SAHM Cover Letter

If I were to apply for a job right now, after three years of being a Stay-at-Home mom, I would face the same challenges as many of you. Being a SAHM is an amazing gift to our families, but trying to explain that gap in traditional employment can be tricky. Why would an employer hire ME over someone who has been continuously working in the field??

Because we SAHMs have AWESOME skills and gifts to bring to the table! We just need to make sure we package it well, so the employer can see that truth, as well!

We’ve talked before about the SAHM employment gap, and it’s a challenge we KNOW how to handle on a resume. Today, we’re tackling the next step: the SAHM cover letter! Read More


An Open Letter to Parents of Soon-to-be College Students, From a Former RD

Dear Parents of Soon-to-be College Students,

You’re about to send your baby off to college. Part of you is cheering — They’re finally out of the house! Another part of you is sobbing uncontrollably — They’re never coming back!! Please be assured that both responses are perfectly natural.

As a former university Resident Director, I’ve seen my fair share of tearful goodbye’s on move-in day. And I’ve talked with a fair number of you on the phone, assuring you that Bessie Mae really is doing just fine. (I’ve talked to many of you, too, when Bessie Mae gets herself in a bit of a pickle, too, but that’s for another post!) I know you’re all going to be okay.

That said, since you do have such a limited time left with your child, on behalf of all the Resident Directors (RDs) out there, I’d like to ask you a quick favor: Read More